The Development Process

Every website and project is different but here I will outline the basic core process that I try and implement with every project. I think conveying our process to you as a client is extremely important because there are so many companies out there and you don't know what is what or who is who. If they are going to scam you, not understand you or just don't care about anything but taking your money. I have values and ethics and stand by them with every project.

Pre Sales

This is the interaction before we actually agree and start your project. Here is where you will submit a website quote or contact form and I reply with either a quote or a request for more information. I like to try and understand what you, the client, are really looking for. I will make suggestions as well. Whether you know exactly what you want or you need a push in the right direction, I can do that.

Once we come to an agreement, I will give you a formal proposal and scope of work. This will include what we will do and for how much. Once you pay the deposit and are ready to move forward, we will start phase one.

Phase One: Info & Gathering

This is where you can send me everything you have for the project. You might not have anything or you might have completed designs, graphics and content. Every client is different and I know that. This is also where I will add your project to the project management system, obtain your contact info, etc. Phase one typically lasts 1-2 days.

Phase Two: Design

After we have gathered all of your info, I will start the work. I like to create a graphical mockup of the website before programming anything. This makes it easy to give you a great design that you love. I will start with a couple mockups which will be jpg graphical versions of what the website will look like.

In some cases, the client may use a pre-made template or theme for their website. This cuts out most of this phase as the design is already created for the most part. For those clients that are having me create a design from scratch, you will get sample mockups to look at then you can send feedback about whether you like one, all or none. Next, I revise the design to your liking. Design is important so we give our clients unlimited revisions. Once we get it and you love it, we will move to the next phase of programming and development. The design phase typically lasts around a week or so.

Phase Three: Development & Programming

So now I have the design done and for the most part, we know what the site will look like. This phase is the longest one. It usually lasts around 2-3 weeks. This is where we will be uploading files to the server, installing and configuring any CMS, applying themes, installing 3rd party extensions or api's and anything else to do with web development. I program an html template which will look like the design we agreed on.

After about 1 week you should get a link to see the progress. From there, you will have a say in what to do next and what to change, etc. Once everything looks good and all the functionality we discussed is there, we will move on to testing.

Phase Four: Testing

We will go through the initial scope and make sure I included all the functionality. I will test that functionality and apply fixes where needed. I test the site on all modern browsers to make sure it looks the same and does not brake in certain browsers. You will also be able to test and report any errors or problems to me.

Phase Five: Launch

After testing is complete and the final payment is made, I can make the site live on the Internet. Once live, we will do one more round of testing. If all is well, then the initial project is done. We can also discuss any further work such as maintenance contracts or SEO services. Of course, these are optional.

So that is a very brief summary of a website project. I give daily email updates and are available for phone discussions if needed throughout the entire project. I do not outsource work to India or anything like that like many web development firms do.

Thank you for your time and I hope to work with you!

Mark Mulhall

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Thank you so much for designing such an innovative, cohesive, well thought out web site. I cannot believe that all I had to do was give you some guidelines of what i needed and in just a few short weeks this awesome site was up and running! We've gotten loads of compliments and feedback on the site. Everyone loves it. It looks like a million and thank you for not telling me it would cost a million!"

Steve Brenner
Owner, Cruise Sails of Burbank


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