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I have experience with interactive and expandable social network platforms. I can add a community aspect to your business website or I can create a social supersite that functions similar to Facebook, Linked-in or Twitter. Many companies will charge well over $50,000 for community web design services. I offer professional social network web design from just $1,500 using platforms such as Jomsocial and Community Builder. I also offer total custom coded social networks that functions exactly how you want it to.

What can you get in a social network website?

  • Customized member profiles for all of your users - Profiles with pics, vids, bios and Facebook style walls for comments
  • Interactive Photo & Video Galleries - Upload and share media on every users profile
  • Enhanced Privacy Support - Your users can pick and choose what to show the world
  • Facebook Connect - Users can log into your site with their Facebook details
  • Blogging - Multiblogging so your users can all have their own blog
  • Private Messaging - Users can message their friends directly from your community, instead of using email
  • Friends/Buddy Function - Users can connect and build meaningful friendships with other users in your community
  • Activity Stream - Dynamic updating of all of your users actions
  • 3rd Party Applications - Plugins/Apps that will enrich your community members' experience
  • Groups - Customized linked-in-like user groups
  • Forums - Professional message boards with ranks and karma
  • Event Calendars - Users can post public or private events and invite other members 

We are not limited to these functions only. We can customize your site quite a bit. Every social network website I build is different in its own way, specialized to the group of people it serves.

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"Mark and his abilities to recognize a client's needs comes way before the discussion.  He is intuitive, well rounded in every possible way to achieve a web site that meets and exceeds your thoughts or demands.  He is true and real when it comes to what the demands of a website are for the current time, future and the abilities that the site needs to have now and in the future.  I would HIGHLY recommend Mark as a website developer and as a consultant to your current website and it's abilities.  He is on top of the game and has exceeded my expectations time and again."

Cindy Gillespie
Photographer, Impromptu Photography


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