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I have experience with interactive and expandable social network platforms. I can add a community aspect to your business website or I can create a social supersite that functions similar to Facebook, Linked-in or Twitter. Many companies will charge well over $50,000 for community web design services. I offer professional social network web design from just $1,500 using platforms such as Jomsocial and Community Builder. I also offer total custom coded social networks that functions exactly how you want it to.

What can you get in a social network website?

  • Customized member profiles for all of your users - Profiles with pics, vids, bios and Facebook style walls for comments
  • Interactive Photo & Video Galleries - Upload and share media on every users profile
  • Enhanced Privacy Support - Your users can pick and choose what to show the world
  • Facebook Connect - Users can log into your site with their Facebook details
  • Blogging - Multiblogging so your users can all have their own blog
  • Private Messaging - Users can message their friends directly from your community, instead of using email
  • Friends/Buddy Function - Users can connect and build meaningful friendships with other users in your community
  • Activity Stream - Dynamic updating of all of your users actions
  • 3rd Party Applications - Plugins/Apps that will enrich your community members' experience
  • Groups - Customized linked-in-like user groups
  • Forums - Professional message boards with ranks and karma
  • Event Calendars - Users can post public or private events and invite other members 

We are not limited to these functions only. We can customize your site quite a bit. Every social network website I build is different in its own way, specialized to the group of people it serves.

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"Mark Mulhall and I have done many video and web-based joint-venture projects together. He is very dedicated to his craft, working continuously until the job is completed, and is always growing within his field to keep up with the changing technologies."

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