Small Websites

I offer some very intricate websites using ecommerce, social networks and other functionality but I also LOVE building small 5-10 page small business websites. This is where I started and I really enjoy focusing on the look, feel and presentation of the website rather than focusing on the complicated inner workings of a large high tech website.

CMS Technology

Static websites are lame and out-dated. Even with small 5-10 page websites, I like to implement a web content management system (CMS). The reason for this is that I like to give our clients the luxury of being able to add and update their own website content as oppose to having to hire a developer and pay just to edit some content. Even though I use this technology, I still charge less than most companies would charge even for just a plain old static HTML website.


The first step in any website we create is to come up with a design and I do this by getting your ideas as well as come up with our own. I have infinite design resources and software to work with to create exactly what you are looking for. I give up to 3 revisions so we can perfect the website layout. Once I get the layout and design down and approved, I start the coding. Sometimes our clients have their own design and they just need us to code it into a website and that is fine as well.


The average price for a 5-10 page CMS based website is $1500-$2000 in the United States. A 5-15 page website That I produce will run you between $500 and $1000. Sometimes even less if we are using pre made templates.

Web Hosting

I use Hostgator for webhosting. It's inexpensive and provides great support and uptime. I can also use your web host, but if you need hosting, click here.

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"Hi Mark,
Just wanted to thank you for all your help in launching our on line magazine Entra. Your expertise in editing and creating our videos for us really made a difference in the professional presentation of our features and our readers experience. You are a joy to work with."

Mary E. Nichols


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