Joomla Addons

Joomla is known for it's modular approach, and there are thousands of addons available. Here are some examples...

Mobile Ready

Put your website on every mobile phone! With mobile phones outnumbering PCs 4 to 1, there has never been a higher demand for websites to have a mobile presence. I make it easy by offering a feature rich experience, loads of built-in mobile features like one touch dialing, and a smart design that knows when to display mobile content and when to display the desktop version of a website.

Price: $200

Social Media

Marketing today is about engaging in diverse activities online. The average person spends 68 hours per month on the internet. Of all the activities that people engage in online- most of the time spent is on social media sites, particularly Facebook and Twitter. Share your content on Facebook, Twitter and more.

Price: $100

Blog or News Roll

Static pages are great for pages like "about us" or "services", but if that is all your site has, it can be pretty boring. Adding a blog will allow you to have new content which will give visitors a reason to come back.

Price: $200

Photo Gallery

This addon will give you an easy to use & professional photo gallery with unlimited categories, titles and descriptions for each photo and category and a lightbox effect to view each photo.

Price: $100

Video Gallery

We can create a Youtube like gallery on your Joomla site with tagging, descriptions & more. You can upload videos as well as link videos from Youtube which will save server resources.

Price: $150

Discussion Forum

A full featured discussion forum with unlimited topics that is completley integrated into your Joomla website. Your visitors will only need a single login for both the website and the forum.

Price: $200

Joomla Backend Branding

Want to make your admin interface more professional and match your brand? This addon includes removal of all Joomla branding and replace the Joomla logo with your own

Price: $75

Live Chat

Live chat is the quickest and most user friendly way for your website visitors to contact you. Live chat offers geotracking so you can see where your visitors are located. It allows unlimited departments and unlimited users to add to the respond team. We install and configure the chat server and each response tech just needs to download the client program and they can start taking chat requests.

Read MorePrice: $100

Joomla SEO URLs

Search engine friendly urls, page title and meta tags manager for every page, Easily redirect 404s to suggested SEF URLS

Price: $50

Multi-lingual Addon

Translate your site in other languages. Create multi-language pages manually or use auto translate

Price: $100

Google Map

We can place a Google map on your contact page or any other page on your Joomla site.

Price: $10

Joomla Security Package

We recommend this package for all Joomla websites. This add on is bundled with the highest quality security extensions for Joomla. Components consist of a site firewall, ip blacklisting, special admin url, backup utility and more.

Read MorePrice: $75


If you want extra forms on your site, I only charge $10 per form. This can be a contact form, feedback form, quote or service form or any other type of form.

Price: $25

Image Slider

We will implement an attractive slider on your website's homepage. We can create a simple image rollover as well as a more complicated slider such as the one on our homepage

Price: $65

Event Gallery

An event gallery is another great feature to have on any website. You can choose to allow other users post events as well as rsvp through the site. You can create unlimited events and venues.

Price: $150

Weekly Backup Service

This is a "must have" service if you do not backup your website at least once per week. This service will give you a manual backup of all of your files and database(s) once every week and unlimited restorations. CMS websites as well as static html sites.

Price: $7.99 per month per domain

Guestbook or Feedback

Let your customers & website visitors leave you feedback and messages on your website.

Price: $50

Google Tools

Set up and configuration of Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and Adsense for your website.

Price: $50

Website Transfer/Migration

We will seamlessly move your website from one host to another with no more than 5 minutes down time. Available for CMS and static websites. This is free if you are transferring to us for hosting.

Price: $40


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