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I am a native of Detroit, Michigan, a true Midwestern guy. My dad worked at the GM Tech center, working on cars 10 years before they would come out. When computers came onto the scene, GM sent my dad to Chicago to learn how to run them. As a child, I always had stacks of cards and punch tape to play with. I was hooked on tech and never stopped playing. My first home computer was a TI-99, followed by a series of Amigas. I got my first job as a mainframe computer operator, and the company moved me to sunny Los Angeles in 1983. I love Southern California! 

I was hired by several Los Angeles post production facilities because of my mastery of the Amiga and Video Toaster graphic systems. I learned video production, and was promoted to facility manager. Many performers came in the door, needing demo tapes and advice. One was a first time author, needing a website. I looked into it and created my first website. On the weekends, I was working in southern California ice rinks producing training videos for Olympic figure skating competitors. I met two still photographers who taught me a lot about photography, and I toured the country for 2 years giving marketing seminars to magicians. During this time I was also producing video for nightclubs, and eventually built my own custom PC computers for live video performances. 

My involvement in marketing deepened as I was hired by a manufacturing and distributing company to handle their marketing. This included producing a website, print media and trade shows. Around the same time I got to work on a dozen mainstream movies, involving the logistics of having up to 10,000 extras on a movie set. That kept my hands full!

These days I'm a freelance website developer, splitting my time between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. My unusual background gives me a unique take on website projects. I'd love to chat with you about yours!


Web Design

I have extensive experience going back to 1997 when I built my first website for a client. From then on I was hooked. I specialize in Joomla installations. Content Management Systems separate the content from the design, allowing the client to easily update their own website. This saves my clients time and money.

Marketing and Promotion

I have a lot of experience in the Marketing and Promotion fields. I have toured the United States giving seminars to Magicians on how to market and promote themselves through photography, video and the internet.  I have worked on over a dozen mainstream movies, organizing and implementing workflows involving crowds of over 10,000 people. This involved recruitment via TV, radio, internet and other promotions.


I have been lucky to have worked with photographers Bill Udell and Anne White for over 10 years, specializing in Figure Skaters and Magicians, respectively. I have a full studio set up, and can shoot promotional headshots, catalog product shots and more.

Video Production

I have managed 3 post production facilities in Hollywood, producing thousands of demo tapes for actors, ice skaters and performers in a multitude of fields, as well as industrial videos, commercials, infomercials and movies. My skill set includes video editing, motion graphics, 3D and videography.

Graphics and Design

I create logo's, banners and flyers for print, web or video. I have also created business catalogs, mailers and business cards and corporate identity programs.

You can find out more details on my LinkedIn profile...

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"Mark was amazing at knowing exactly what I wanted with my website. He took all my ideas & put them into an amazing website. I' m now able to market myself much easier."

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